A signature and an official seal are needed for credibility. Applicant must not have late registration record. A Medical Certificate 1 original. Add the course: students who want to add more courses, they have to pay the tuition fees according to the tuition … Your High-School Diploma is not from a Thai School? Application Process for Graduate Programs. With this letter, you get a student visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country. 7.   Submit 3 photocopies of Passport for foreign student (Translated version from Translation Center, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University or Ramkhamhaeng Institute of Languages (RIL), Ramkhamhaeng University only is required). Only courses with a grade ‘C’ or higher can be transferred. For further information in regarding to the application process and requirement for non-degree program, please go to menu of international affairs. //--> Announcement on Tuition Fees for Regular Graduate Study Programs of Kasetsart University (This announcement is only applicable to graduate students who do not apply and enroll with the … (Thai Citizens) Tuition Fees. The following documents are to be submitted for the completion of your admission for undergraduate programs: 5 Color 2-inches Photos. You may apply by mail with all required papers and pictures (as described for applicants from within Thailand below), or you may choose the simplified application process by e-mail. The official letters of request from the current employers showing the reason and intents of study of candidates have to be submitted as a required application document. addy65973 = addy65973 + 'iis' + '.' + 'ru' + '.' + 'ac' + '.' + 'th'; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Candidates who are currently holding the tourist-type visa as their first arrival in Thailand and are studying in the language schools. var addy_text65973 = 'e-mail'; The fee includes: First enrollment fee (matriculation fee, etc) Tuition fee; University fees, Campus, Network; Comprehensive Examination Fee (First attempt only) Health/ Life Insurance (non-Thai) One round-trip arrangement for company visit or conference in Asia . If accepted, you will receive a Letter of Admission or Acceptance. You graduated from an accredited international school, college, or university in the native English speaking countries with GPA above 2.50 and /or more than 60% of passing scores. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; You certainly can already start your studies, but the uncertainty remains over this period of time. Tuition … Regulations and Rules for Transfer Credits with IIS - RU. 4.   Submit original document indicating medical fitness (Medical Certificate). The university's budget allocation from the central government for FY2019 is 1,179 million baht, down from FY2018. The fee doesn’t include the following: Admission fee … (taken within 1 month), You may apply in person , Please find here theÂ. With our hands-on and practical curricula, you will be equipped with an international … A copy of house registration or residential registration lease agreement or rental contract. If necessary, you can get this certification also in Bangkok, either at the education section of your embassy or in the Ministry of Education. Application fee for Master degree programs is 1,200 THB; Application fee for Doctoral degree programs is 9,000 THB. Ranks 14th among universities in Bangkok with an acceptance rate of 75%. Transfer credits are not calculated into the student’s GPA. AU Smart Tuition Payment with TrueMoney Wallet AU is the first university in collaboration with True to facilitate tuition fees payment via True Money Wallet. Since all programs at the IIS – RU use English as a medium of instruction, students need to have a good command of the English language in order to accomplish the studies. The credits earned must be essentially equivalent in quality and quantity to the courses to be substituted for the program of The Institute of International Studies. Total tuition fees. //